Books For Rent...Errrmm...

Monday, January 14, 2008
For those of you that doesn't know me personally, I'm a bookworm. I read all kind of books - fictional and non-fictional. Unfortunately my language only limited to Malay and English and God, don't I just love reading.

I was cleaning, rearranging my book cabinet last weekend and I found out that it was wayyyy overflowing! I know my book rack is full but somehow before, I just couldn't be bothered and just stack the books away once I finished reading it! I didn't realise it was THAT full until the moment that I can't stack any more books!

My dad once suggested that I do a garage sale and sell all my books but no way! I will never ever sell a book coz I LOVE them! The thought of parting with them kindda filled me with horror..haha! Even nowdays, my aunts lend some of my favourite novels and haven't return them - and that was like a year ago! Karit? Me? Adalah sikit-sikit but I borrowed it to them so I'm not that stingy...hehe!

Anyway, I'm thinking of renting it. I mean, I kindda sayang to sell it so why not rent it. I mean, I can get a lil' bit of extra income without selling the book. Macamana?

My idea is that I will setup another blogsite and list all the books that I had. So, whoever wanted to rent the book can just email or call me and we setup a meeting place to do the 'deal'. Sounds good? The fees; I'm thinking of $1 for my Mills and Boons collection (the 160+ pages books); $2 for Mills and Boons novels (200+pages and above), for all my historical romances and around $3-4 for my Alaf 21 and Malay novels...Okay kah? So far I got 100+ of Malay novels and more than 200 of the English novels...

But the question is - to rent or not to rent?

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