Thursday, February 21, 2008
I know it had been agesssss I hadn't updated my blog. My work, family and social commitments had kept me buzy all these weeks - well mostly my work commitments that is. I don't know, somehow this year, I feel pressurised! From who? From what? I have no idea and that irritates me! But, I don't want to dwell into it, maybe it just the new workplace and the new responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with my new workplace and honestly, I'm still getting use to the new responsibilities.

What I had been up to? Hmm....lotsssss, I guess! It feels that I never stop doing anything! Hahaha! Of course la, sleeping is consider as doing 'something'. I did mentioned that I had to go to KB to relieve a colleague and well, that's done! I didn't stay there though. I know that the journey between bandar and KB is not that far, so I decided to commute everyday for the next 3 days. Its not that bad, right? I mean, other people have to commute everyday for God knows how many months, years even!

Tradition goes, every Chinese New Years we went home back to Temburong and God! What a experience man! I don't know whether any of you know this, but it was FLOODING in Temburong! We arrived in Temburong on Thursday, the Chinese New Year itself but after family lunch, me and my family made a move to go to Sabah. Saturday morning, my aunt in Temburong called saying that it's flooding in Temburong. My parents though it's not that bad but once we crossed over Lawas and wanted to go home to my Popo's home, the roads (there are 2 roads leading to my Popo's home), by God, were unexcessable!!! So, we decided to go home to Bandar. We que-ed up from 12.30pm till 6pm!!! The small river that separates Brunei and Limbang was overflowing! I'm not kidding! By 6.30pm, police told everyone that the car ferry won't be crossing the river tonight.

We tried our luck again to go to my Popo's home coz we need a place to sleep but the roads were still unexcessable and from my aunt, my Popo's home ground floor is totally flooded! Luckily, my aunts, uncles, couzins, Popo and her maid managed to bring all the important stuffs and moved them to my Uncle Onn's new home! Oh yea! My Popo's home is just beside a river and man, can you imagine the damage done!

Can't go home to my Popo's home, we heard that the Temburong officials converted the District Hall into temporary sleeping place but my mum, she didn't want to stay there. We tried to rent the gvernment rest house but what do you expect? It's full! Alhamdulilah! The DO and the assistant DO are my dad's friend, so we managed to sleep in a government house. By 4.30am, we woke up and que-ed again at Ujung Jalan. And can you imagine, we stayed there until 3pm!!!!! I was so damned exhausted and my family getting restless! Considering that my dad had to go back to work on Monday, we decided to take the boat and leave our car with my uncle. After all those, we arrived oin Bandar around 5pm!

Honestly, that's the most memorable Chinese New Year for me, so far.........

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