Novel Review: Buat Yang Tersayang

Thursday, February 9, 2012
Buat Yang Tersayang
by Maya Rasyidah
480 pages
Grup Buku Karangkraf Sdn Bhd - Alaf 21

It's kindda funny how's my local dialect being put into typed words. And reading it honestly, for me quiet difficult. In this novel, the heroin came from Labuan, a tax free Malaysian island just off Borneo and in a way, the people there shared few cultures (and language) similar to Brunei.

The day she was born, Syira was pratically engaged with one of her parents' bestfriends's son. I would say Syira was a unique person; she was so good in everything.

Before she further her studies (to become a doctor), her parents had decided to marry her off with her "fiance", known as Airy. Airy, called Syira up and told her his heart was taken by someone else and over the phone, he made few conditions to their arranged marriage. Syira, just accepted it only with 1 condition; to allow her to continue her study.

But with her characters, Airy couldn't help but to fall in love with his own wife but his mind rejected the idea and asked him to be faithful to his "Bunga Angkasa aka Cikgu Ash"; whom he met only twice and without knowing that his "Bunga Angkasa aka Cikgu Ash" was his own wife!

Realisation came a bit late; Airy said something that hurt Syira's feeling; Syira packed her stuffs and continued her study abroad. 2 years, she didn't come home - not to her parents, not to Airy, not to Malaysia.

When Syira eventually came back, she was surprised to see Airy had changed into a very caring, loving person. She only thought of 2 things: Airy had married his "Bunga Angkasa" or he wanted to divorce her. Airy's actions confused her even more but his past behaviours made Syira reluctant to love him as before.
So what would happen between them? What Syira would do when she found out that her competition (for Airy's love), Bunga Angkasa was herself?

Marvelous read!!

My rating: 8/10

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