Novel Review: Dibius Cinta

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dibius Cinta
by Qash Irdina
466 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

If Afifah Yusof's Jodoh Kau & Aku is a smooth "novel life" then Dibius Cinta, I would say a very problematic, chiotic novel life.

Cazlin Amalina was considered an orphan left only with her brother; dad disappeared when she was in her mum's womb. Her accidental meetings with Adam Syafiq were not the pleasant. Until one day, when Cazlin's brother, Cazlan Ahmad Hadi, saved Adam Syafiq's mum from a kidnapping. Her brother was shot dead and Puan Sri Saleha, Adam's mum owed her life to Cazlin and made Cazlin her adopted daughter.
But it's hard to keep a grown up man and woman in a home with no ties. To make it easier for the parents, Adam was asked by his mum to marry Cazlin on her "so-called death bed". His love for his mum made Adam agreed eventho' he had a gf, Hana.

As the days passed, Adam was falling more in love with Cazlin and viceversa but Hana made it all haywire! Their marriage was ok for a time but then Hana made sure they were never really happy. Threating Adam's sister, Ayuna, Hana managed to make Cazlin to misscarry.

Episodes by episodes came into their marriage due to Hana, caused by Hana and at one point, everything came out. Cazlin finally met her father, who happened to be Hana's father too! Surprise!!! Hana was diagnosed with brain cancer and her dying wish was to marry Adam.

Would Adam marry Hana? Would Cazlin fight for her love or let her husband go?
I'm not gonna spell it all out here. It's an okay novel but I don't understand why this novel made it as a "best seller". Compared to others, I think it doesn't live up to that stage - just yet.

My rating: 5/10

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