January Weddings

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
First and foremost,
I would like to apologize to my old mate, Tina for not being able to attend her wedding, 
which was held on 1st January - 01/01/2012
Congratulations and the very best of happiness to both you and your husband.

Second wedding,
I managed to crash into her glamorous (so many Pehins and Datins) wedding last 23rd January!

Congratulations Siti and Afi!

And the last wedding I attended for January was my cousin's, Danial Chong.
If you guys remembered, he is the one who converted Islam last October.

 the nikah

the sanding

Congratulations to cousin, Danial and wife.
To the bride, welcome to our rojak family ;)

p.s. pictures from Danial's nikah and wedding days would be posted soon... 

5 knock knock:

Pooch Purple Reign said...

I know, I always have questions... :)
What is inside the jar?
Thats a lot of weddings for one month!
~laura xx

iantie said...

Questions from you are always welcome Pooch =D
Those are rock candy inside the jar. It aint as tasty as any rock candy but for a specially made for the wedding couple, it was good ;)
Love xoxo

Pooch Purple Reign said...

o thats so cute. thank you for indulging my curiosity !
~laura xx

iantie said...

Anytime for you Pooch ;)

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