Khatam Al-Quran and World's Heart Day

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I was so buzy last week and last weekend. Work and meetings almost non-stop. My stock came hence I had to sacrifice my lunchtime to settle everything - entering, montitoring and balancing almost everything! Luckily I have a very efficient assistant. I didn't manage to play any netball last week nor I had the time to walk and hike. Work kept me so buzy.

Last Saturday, I had to ask for half day off coz that afternoon, brother Faiz was having his khatam Al-Quran and considering that both my parents couldn't attend; not to dissapoint my brother, I asked for off and being granted! Hehe! I came to work in the morning and I had to wait for a patient till 1230hr. By the time I came out from the office, I was caught in the school traffic jam - which is wayyyy too horrible! I only managed to arrive home around 1320hr. I had my lunch (couldn't help myself!), had my zuhur prayer and by the time I'm done, it's 1345 already and the arrival of guest was at 1400hr and yikes, I only had 15 minutes to get ready and looking outside, the weather was too cloudy.

5 minutes to 1400hr, I was ready getting out of the house and that's when it rained se-heavy heavynya! I mean, it really rained that heavy. My kain was halfway thru' wet on my way to the garage and by the time I arrived at the school, all the parking nearest to the entrance were fulled! I got no choice but to parked a bit further. Armed with my umbrella and luckily with my 3-inch Vincci shoe (hehe!), I lifted my kain a little bit high (which I don't care at that moment) and braved thru' the rain and made to the hall. The first 5 rows were fully occupied but I managed to squeeze myself in the third row (haha!). Luckily, bro Faiz was seated in the front row, so I can see him clearly. Function finished around 1615hr and the rain had stopped. Went home and I don't remember what time I fell asleep, but I know it's early. Haha! So tired! No Saturday night fever for me!

Next morning, woke up around 0400hr to switch on the water heater (how we rely on electricity nowdays..hmmm), fully awake around 0500hr, had my shower and subuh prayer, then get myself ready for the World's Heart Day walkathon that were held in JPCC Ampitheater. My bestie fetched me around 0635hr and by the time we arrived there, people were starting to come too. Warmup session started as soon as the GoH arrived and it started with aerobics. We walked around 2.5KM around the Jerudong Park area and one point, I left my bestie alone and started to cut the VIPs..hehe! Coouldn't stand with walking only, I started to jog. Haha! With this and that, me and my bestie went home and after taking a bit of rest, fetched my brothers from their tuition classes, had my shower, I went to sleep at 1200hr!! Haha! Yup! Sleep till 1645hr. I slept late last night, watched the Olympic closing ceremony and a little bit of footie match between Wigan and Chelsea. Not a big fan of both team but I was so damned bored that last-last, I switched off the TV, went to my little library and reread a book. Managed to fell asleep around 0000hr.

The Ups and Downs of Life...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
No one says that life is always beautiful, perfect and at peace. No! That would be a lie. And behind every faces that you see, there are some stories and memories that better left undisturbed. For me, I think I'm suffering the 'down period' of my life ever....I mean so far. Can you imagine, I'm coming 27 years old and I'm facing the worst problem ever! Don't say that I'm having a middle age crisis...haha! Unless, my age is not that long. So, if I'm having a middle age crisis, does that mean, I won't be around to reach 50 years old? Nauzubillah....it's all in Allah's hand.

I don't know what's happening to me. It all started end of last month and still continue. I'm moody most of the time and to be honest, I'm being a lousy friend for this period....and yeah, make that lousy colleague too. I like to be alone most of the time nowdays but I'm still good with my family and brothers. My colleagues are all surprised to see me quiet (I'm quiet talkactive most of the time).

My problems? I know what my problems are but it's a nature of me to bottle everything up and just ignore 'it' until it cannot be ingnore anymore! But of course, this time, it's different from the other problems and no matter how much I want to ignore it, I just can't. Entah lah but somehow I'm just the type of person who couldn't trust someone that much. I'm soooo scared of being hurt. I tried to talk to a starnger about this, but somehow, I stopped in the middle of discussion. There are times when I couldn't sleep and have to force myself to sleep just from thinking about this problems and when I did manage to get some sleep, I ALWAYS woke up in the middle of the night. I should wake up and do Sembahyang Tahajjud instead of falling back to sleep. My only solution to my problems is to sembahyang and pray very hard to Allah SWT. That's the only peace I seek! And InsyaAllah, everything will just go back to normal.

They said air mata wanita selalu murah (easy to flow) but mine, my tears are leaking! Most of the times, I would cry for no apparent reason and woke up with a pair of fluffy eyes. Everytime someone asked why my eyes had dark circles, my only answer is - heavy reading!

Back Dated Enteries

Been quiet a while I didn't update my blog so here it is, as I remembered it.

Yesterday - Work is as usual, almost buzy non-stop. Considering that my stock is coming today (tuesday), I had to update all the necessary bincards so that everthing will be balanced when my stock arrived. Hence, I work all through during lunchtime and still, I can't finish my paperworks. URGGHHH! It shows how many I left unattend for the last few days. Hmmm...Went home a bit late coz had to stay back for a brief meeting (lagi menyesakkan kepala!)

Sunday, 17th August - Woke up a bit late coz I stayed all night reading and finishing, Sandaran Hati by Aini Marisha (if I'm not mistaken). It is a nice book, I have to say. Anyway, had a cup of tea and few bars of chocolate for brunch, fetched my brothers from their tuition class then we went to Gadong for lunch. It was jammed as usual for a weeked so I went straight for the basement parking. No use to waste time in looking for a parking. Funny thing, as we arrived in the food court, looking at all those foods, made me full and I ended up didn't eat anything. My dad had a headache hence I'm driving. We went to Muara and headed for Serasa beach. Saja...jalan-jalan. Late in the afternoon, my aunt and grandma stopped by at our home and stayed there till late.

Saturday, 16th August - Hmmm...went to work. Went for netball after work. This time we played against the army's wives from Muara Camp and a team from Kg Burung Pingai. They are good. Me? Pancit dah! Few weeks dah didn't go for my hike and walk. Barat rasanya bah...

Friday, 15th August - Morning, I woke up early coz I need to accompanied my mum to run some errands. Managed to buy 3 new novels from Alaf 21. In a rush to fetch my brothers from their tuition class. Afternoon, went out again with my mum and brothers (dad went to KB for MOHA's function). Survey all those electrical shops coz mum wanted to buy a microwave oven. Managed to buy 1 with a bargain (mum punya kerja) and mum then lanja us with donuts...nyum nyum....hmmm..macammana kan control nie??!!!

In An Analytical Mood - 6th August Entry

I don't know what went wrong with me today but everything seemed to be 'out of place'. My car gave me a problem early this morning. One of my tyres puncture on my way to send my brothers to school. I had to drive slow home. Luckily my home is just few meters from the school. Dad let me drive his car while he and my mum went with one car. I had a meeting this afternoon afterwork, so Dad had to bring my tyre to the tyre shop and fix whatever the problem is.

So, I came 'late' for work. I'm a very predictable person. I always come to work around 7-7.10am but today, I came around 7.25am (duh!) and once I entered the door, my super-duper colleague said,"Nah....panjang umurmu. Pikir tah kau off". EErrrKK! Dapat off kah? Haha! But I didn't say it out loud coz I was so buzy saying that it's only 7.25AM! And office hour will only start in 20 minutes time!

This morning, I don't know what came into me! Well, for 1 thing, I'm NOT always a perfectionist - sometimes I am but MOST of the time, I'm not! But today, I choose to be a perfectionist and what happened? I criticized most of my assistants' duty/work. They are 3 assistants in my watch at the moment and so far as I am concern, I'm happy that they do their job and know what they duties are. But today...jeng jeng jeng! Hahaha! Everything seems so wrong in my eyes! One assistant forget to count and jot down all the details that I want that I end up asking her to re-count, jot down all the details and place all the items back on the shelves...Jahat ah aku ah but then hey! It's her fault not doing her job correctly. Being young and pregnant doesn't give you the excuse for not doing your job right. Another male assistant forgot to enter some items in the log book....HUMPH! apa lagi....another lecture la kedengaran. My other 2 colleagues didn't say anything, just keep quiet. They know when to shut their mouths..hehe!

I managed to finish my paperwork by lunchtime but I'm too tired to go out so I just sat infront of the laptop and check my mails! My bestie send me 2 forwarded emails the pictures of Sheikh Muzhaffar during his visit to Brunei. I don't know! If you look very throughly, he is NOT THAT handsome. Don't get me wrong! He is GOOD-LOOKING and handsome too BUT NOT THAT handsome, if you get what I mean. The thing about him is that he got this vibe about him or as we Malay people called it 'aura'. There is something about him that made you attracted, admired and easily fell in love to and that's the good quality. Have you ever meet that type of person? The one that is NOT handsome or beautiful but has this 'vibe' about him/her? Hmmm....

Anyway, afternoon, my mood is a bit okay la. I talked less hence aku marah pun less. Stayed in the office till 6 something and it was so jammed from Kiulap to the roundabout. I looked at the watch, it's 6.20PM!!! and it's jammed??! Long ques on all the 3 lanes. As I approached the roundabout, laaaaaaa...an accident between a Toyota Vios and Suzuki Ignis. It's a common thing happened in the roundabout. No casualties as far as I can see. Just a minor accident. Then from Beribi to Jangsak to Kilanas, I was so pissed off with this Malaysian registered car. Don't get me wrong. I have no discrimination between nationalities. You know what happened? This car is infront of me all the way from Beribi to Kilanas. He's quiet slow and I'm in a bit hurry to go home. What pissed me off, at one time or another he signaled as in to move to other lane or masuk simpang (as I assumed la) but always nda jadi. It happened like 5 times and last-last, I overtook and looked at him. Guess what? There is a child, around 2 years old sitting on his lap!!!! What? Is he crazy or what? I mean, he is jeopridizing his kid's life by allowing his kid to sit on his lap! What happened if something happened....URGH! Don't want to think about it!

At the moment, I'm downloading games. Hehe! Games lagi! What else? We had a netball practise today but I didn't go coz I had a meeting. Tomorrow, we didn't have any practise what-so-ever so I'm thinking to go for a walk and hike coz Saturday, I will have a zikir

'Romantic Tuesday Morning' and macam-macam...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Been quiet a while I didn't update my blog and what's happening. Been so buzy lately. I still have the time to do things I suppose to be doing but somehow nowdays all my free time, it's either I lazying around in my bed reading a book or sitting till my butt aches infront of the laptop/desktop playing games! I'm addicted playing games nowdays even my bestie was suprised. I mean, in all these years that she had known me (almost 11 years), she couldn't remember when I ever sat down for hours infront of the pc to play games! The only I ever sit infront the computer for hours are either when I'm logged to the net or when I'm trying to do any last minutes assignments/reports. Haha! Typical!

Anyway, now I got the time to update my blog and what's happening lately. I'm in Tutong today and as I drive, I was listening to this one deejay who said that it's a beautiful, 'romantic tuesday morning' and I couldn't help but to look throughly up to the sky and yes, it is indeed a beautiful Tuesday. Romantic? Hmmm..not sure about that coz I didn't see any sunrise and all but it sure is a beautiful, calm Tuesday. I enjoyed my long drive to this remote area.

Why yesterday not as calm as today? No! It's not because it's Monday. I don't believe in Monday blues. In my opinion, everyday is the same. It's just your attitude toward the day itself that counts. For me, everyday always start beautiful and I'm always grateful for the new day I woke up to. Why? 'Coz I'm still breathing to enjoy the day. So, I like to treat everyday as the same. But yesterday, it was super buzy at work. I don't have the time for my break, only break for the loo. As I started to skip my lunch, I didn't go anywhere during lunchhour. Just stayed in the office and tackled all the paperworks that need to be done....and logged into the net for a while to check my emails and well, surf a bit (couldn't help myself)...hehe!

By afternoon, it was quiet relaxing la. I managed to do some important calls and continued my pending paperworks. Honestly, I don't know where I got the energy but yesterday, afterwork, I changed my work attire into sports attire and played netball in the Ministry! Haha! 2 weeks rest from playing netball, all of us kindda sucks yesterday. It was fun but we just couldn't stop laughing for most of the games. Such a fun game!

Last Saturday, for the first time in my life (as far as I can remember la), I made a guy blushed! SERIOUSLY! In my line of work, eye contact is important. Truthfully, before I started this job, I was a shy lady...HONESTLY! I don't dare to stare at people's faces, apatah lagi eye contact! I managed to avoid any 'uncomfortable' eye contacts before I started working. Even my tutors always asked me so many times whether I understand a certain topic before I looked in their eyes and said 'Yes'. Anyway, back to this guy. In my opinion, he is considered a good-looking guy, fair complexion and around late 20's - early 30's. He approached me and he's collecting medications on behalf of his 79 years old grandma. Before I got the chance to check/dispense/explain all his grandma's medications, he started to speak and ask me questions, of coz la concerning his grandma's medications. He asked me questions, I answered and explained. At first I didn't noticed him blushing but as he kept on asking questions and I continued on explaining with my eyes fixed on his, I noticed that one time or another, his eyes were diverted to somewhere before it returned to my face. Well, at first I thought he is just shy or feeling uncomfortable that I looked directly at him so, I tried to divert my eyes too, once in a while. About 5 -10 minutes explaining to him, he went off with a thank you and my colleague said, "Just because he's handsome, you took your time ah" in a teasing tone. Well, I told him that I'm answering to all his questions and I can't just get rid of him like that. And my colleague said, "What did you say to him that he blushes?". And I was like, "What? He blushes? I didn't notice that! He's not furious kah?" Haha! I hope that guy didn't come across my blog and read this!

That Saturday afternoon,afterwork, I was planning to go walking and hiking but I had to cancelled coz I need to attend a meeting. Oh! Guess what? I met an old old classmate while I was walking and hiking around Tasek last last week. I met Ezra. We were in Form 4 and Form 5 together and this is the first time I met him after we finished high school. He hasn't change much. He was taking a break and sat on a bench when I passed by. He got an iPOD stuck to his ear and I was thinking, if I say Hi will he hear me. So I tried my luck and said, "Hai Ezra" and suprisingly, he looked up and smiled. We walked together and just catch up a bit la before we went our own way - me, going for my 2nd round while him, going home.

What else I'm missing? Hmmm....Last Monday, last week, I was having my off day after working during the weekend so me and my 2 brothers went to watch a movie - I'm Not Single. Malaysian, malay movie. Nice! Romantic but funny! And I think this is the 2nd movie Farid Kamil and Awal Ashari are in together. First would be the Apa Kata Hati? (also a nice movie) and now this, I'm Not Single. Don't get me wrong but I wonder what happened to all the male/female actors/actresses that were famous in the late 90's. Azhar Sulaiman, Ahmad Idham and Pierre Andre (yang I remember la) are now become directors or something - which is good. But what happened to the rest of the actors/actresses. Rarely we hear or watch any news on them.Speaking of Pierre Andre, I love his movie 9 September. It's so heart wrenching movie!

Oh yea, Majlis Ilmu come and go. I went to the Majlis Ilmu TWICE!!! just to meet Datuk Sheikh Muzhaffar - the first Malaysian angkasawan. But bukan rezeki kali, I didn't manage to meet or see him! URRRGGGGGHHHH!!! I'm so FRUSTRATED! I even asked my RBA engineer friend whether he knows when Shk Muzhaffar due to go back to Malaysia but he also couldn't get any info. I managed to buy his book 'Reaching for the Stars'; written by his late brother, Ajil. I read and finished it within an hour and ended up with fluffy eyes. It's so touching! Read it then you will know what I meant!

Anyway, it's August and fasting month will start in less than a month's time. My preparation? Hmmm....dunno yet! I think we will not be celebrating raya as merry as before coz 2 of my brothers are having their big exam this October, hence less beraya....