blogger's block?

Monday, August 4, 2014
miss me?


i didn't realize how long i had 'gone' from blogging and suddenly i miss it.. and believe it or not, i don't even remember my blogger password!!

now with facebook and instagram, i write less and less everyday... but i will try to maintain this blog (wish me luck)

a lot had happened from my last entry (that was may 2013)

i finally got married!! yay! alhamdulillah! that happened last 29th november 2013... (will upload the pictures soon)

no... not preggy yet... soon i hope.. in shaa Allah hehe... as we are trying our best LOL

now... what else?

oh!! i have a new nephew, just recently... another additional to the family! yay!! 4 nieces and 2 nephews so far...

somehow... m just lost for ideas... so it must be a blogger's block aye?

but fear not, my dearies... i will update soon... in shaa Allah


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