... and the best part about my Singapore holiday was....

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
... meeting a friend and a fellow blogger all the way from the Philippines, who is currently staying and working in Singapore, Ning Li

.... taaadddddaaaaa....

although currently most muslim countries are boycotting Israel products and company; Starbuck is one of them but i gotta say, due to Starbuck tumblers that we agreed for the meet up!

our passions for SB tumblers had brought us to come up with an idea to exchange SB gifts hence the meet up and i had fun chit chatting with her in person...

she is beautiful... 
now i wonder why she is still single... LOL!!!
(she will kill me for this post ;P)

Ning Li,
thanks for braving thru the MRT jammed to meet up with me and hubby while we were in Singapore...
thanks for the lovely tumblers... (my collections is growing)
thanks for the lovely time and 
it is definitely a pleasure meeting you and
it is another step in our blogging milestone
and lastly,
thanks for making me realize why we are blogging all these while (i almost gave up on blogging but you made me miss blogging... honestly!)

till we meet again my friend ;)

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