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Tuesday, May 28, 2013
 Last December, on a Christmas public holiday we had a family excrusion.
Nowhere fancy but it was awesome!
One of my uncles, Uncle Dillah owns few (yep! few large ones) fruits farms or in malay we called dusun buah and 1 day he invited my aunt's (my dad's sister) HUGE family (from the first born aunt to the youngest uncle's) to his dusun and collect/eat/get whatever fruits (local fruits) your heart desire!
For a city girl (like myself), it was a memorable (and sweaty) experiences.
..the early birds..
still looking fresh

.. some of the dusun are accessible by cars but most are not..
so most of the times we parked our cars and walked
I only managed to get few pictures as I was busy chasing after fallen durians LOL!
So that was what I did on Christmas day
... and the next day I checked myself into the ward...

I had to undergo a minor surgery (which I hope so).
Considering my surgery was scheduled for the next day,
I asked to go for home leave after the anesthetic checked me out.
I went to the operating theatre around 9am and I'm back to the ward at 11.30am. I was still a bit dizzy as I requested for full anesthsia (which I regreat while I was in the OT).
In the OT, the anesthetic couldn't find my veins! For those who doesn't know me that well, I'm so freak out at the thought of needles pricked into my not-so-smooth skin.
First poke, couldn't find the veins.
Then "Sugiantie, I will insert another needle"
I said "OK" trying to be brave!
Second needle, still couldn't find my veins!!
Then " Sorry Sugiantie, I will insert another needle"
I still said "OK" but I already made up my mind to postpond my surgery if the 3rd needle won't go thru'
So after 2 anesthetic doctors searching for my veins,
after 3 needles (and that doesn't include the morphine they poked into my butt before the surgery),
with the mask and not even at the count of 3, I was in lalalala land... zzzzzzz
Next thing I know, I woke up in the recovery room, my BP was low and the OT nurse asked the ward 12 nurses to monitor my BP.

With a urine bag attached to 1 side of the bed (it's so unproper to post the picture here) and saline drip on other hand, I was practically stay in bed the whole day. Eat, drink, pee (in the urine bag) aaahhh... what a nice life (NOT!!!)
Mum and dad stayed with me the whole process.. thank you mummy, daddy!!
Brothers, sister-in-law, aunts, cousins and of course my BFF with hubby and Wazif,
thank you all for coming and visit!
And to my fiancee, who was all the way in Japan,
thank you for calling and for the concern!
That night, I couldn't sleep!
Maybe it was my first time staying in a hospital bed, so I might be not comfortable.
Or maybe I was without my favourite pillow, hence I'm restless.
By 1am, I was shivering that I can even heard my teeth clattering... seriously!!!
I was shivering so hard that even my bed was shaking.
When I couldn't stand it no more, I got up (darn! I couldn't find the call button), dragged myself to the nurse station (with pee bag in 1 hand and saline drip in another) and asked for panadol.
I was having a high fever and my BP was low again.
Given panadol and ponstan to lower my fever.
So after 3 layers of blanket, a jacket, panadols, ponstans and antibiotics,
I was sweating like a pig came morning.
The doctor said, if my condition improved, I can be discharged by afternoon.
Mum came, saying she was restless at home and when she found out I was having fever, she was worried. Mum's instinct!!
With Mum and Dad by my sides, I was getting better and by 2pm,
I was discharged!! Yeay!! Was on sick leave for a week and doing nothing at all!
Not something I want to go thru again!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I have ever commented your blog before, but it is most definitely about time I do.

Fist, thank you for creating such a nice blog! Your blog has been in my bookmarks for years now, and I really enjoy reading about your life in Brunei. I'm Scandinavian myself, and I find it very fascinating to learn more about life on the other side of the world.

Thank you again and all the best to you! :)

Essma Nasher said...

oh you poor thing! that was horrible with the needle. i can't imagine! >_< i hope you're better now!

iantie said...

hai dear anonymous,

sorry it took me ages to read and reply your comment as i had been 'inactive' for quiet a while.

thank you for following my blog... it's nothing special hehe. an avid reader, i lovvvveee to read that i started to write...

thank you again for taking your time to read my humble blog. feel free to comment and anything you want to know.. just be respectful.. thank you

to dear Essma Nasher,

alhamdulillah m feeling better now... should be after almost 2 years LOL! thank God thats the last (so far). I haven't get my yearly vaccine just yet as my fear of needles... LOL!