Updates to update

Friday, November 23, 2012
... if you get what I meant.
Been an inactive blogger for the last few months, I have few updates to blog about.
Well, the first and foremost important 1 would be my engagement!
Yup! If you haven't guess it just yet, I'm officially engaged but I'm gonna hold the juicy details for now.
Why? Because I left my hard drive at home and I have no pictures to show you guys off.. LOL!
So be patience readers.
Then there is the Eid Mubarak.
Gosh! That was ages ago but as I said, I have some stuffs to update.
Now, what else?
I'm trying to recall what else to update you guys with.
Oh yea, followed the engagement, comes the wedding.
We set a date already but I'm not gonna reveal it here just yet. After the FINAL confirmation, then I would announce it.. LOL!
But we are already starting to make preparations.
My preparations? Let's see, I bought bridal magz... lots of it. Initially I just want to get an idea on where to start and what to start with especially on the bridal gowns. But now with so many bridal magz laying around, I'm starting to get confused ^_^
Could you believe it?
And my checklist.
Now let's not start on that.
*taking a deep breath*
Everytime I'm thinking about my impending nuptial, I got palpations.
Nervous? Jitters?
Too early for all those, I think.
First on my checklist = lose weight!!
Wish me luck guys! 

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