Story of my short getaway

Friday, November 23, 2012
I miss blogging.
Ok, let me rephrase that.. I miss update my blog.
Been a long time I properly update my blog and somehow it makes me more like a quiet person (haha! yea right).
So, what's up with me lately?
Let's see...
As usual, been buzy with work. Work, work and the never ending work.
I come in early and go home late but still the work never lessen. I wonder why?
But with work, there is also pleasure.. khehe.. wow! never thought that sounds kinky.
During the 3-day Eid Adha holiday, me and my fiance went for a short trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and met up with my family there.
Now, it was to be a simple getaway; get in a plane, dad fetched from the airport and shop, shop, shop and more shopping till we either drop dead tired or broke!
But it was not that smooth. Our 25-minute flight from Brunei-KKIA was delayed for 5-freaking hours! In total, we were in the boarding area for 7 hours! Delayed was caused by the closure of KKIA due to "power failure". We ended up arriving at KKIA around 11pm! What's worst, we were in the same flight with an entourage of chinese tourists who talked non-stop and loud. So loud that the KKIA immigration officers had to order them to be quiet.
With all the shopping complexes closed when we arrived, we settled for McD takeaway. Ate our supper and sleep.
The next day, me, my fiance and brothers went for a swim (we rented an apartment with swimming pool). It was cold but suprisingly refreshing. An hour in the pool, we went up to the apartment, take a proper bath (not together of course!), got dressed and let's go shopping!
Our 1st stop would be breakfast. Then we start hitting the shopping complexes in 1Borneo; proceed to Suria Sabah, The Centerpoint and Warisan Square. By the time we came back to the apartment, it was time for dinner. We went for seafood (as my dad and fiance are a huge fans of seafood). When we were done, all the shopping malls are closed so it's back to the apartment.
But you think that we would just stop at that? Of course not! With pains on both legs, we walked from the apartment to the Warisan Square again (just opposite of the apartment) for a good hour of reflexology! Now, I'm very ticklish so I would avoid anyone touching any part of my body (seriously!) without any solid reason. But when you walk like I walk and you shop like I shop, man... you don't care who touch your feet as long as it's soothing! That day, I trully understand what it meant, "shop till you drop" coz when we came home, we were fast asleep.
Woke up early the next morning coz dad would be sending us to the airport. Our flight was in the morning and just to makesure we get the front seats, I did online checkin the night before and wah! we were seated on the 3rd row... away from those (loud) chinese entourage! Yay! Considering that all our stuffs were in my dad's car, we were the first to walk out of the arrival hall with nothing to declare. As my brother, Andy said (who fetched us from the airport), "You guys look like a couple going to the mall."
It was hectic, of course but it was fun!
It was my first getaway trip with my fiance and I enjoyed it wayyy too much; which is a good thing, right coz to really know a person, you have to travel with them.
Our next holiday... soon! =D

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