Memoirs of Eid

Sunday, November 25, 2012
 An overdue post but then it's better than nothing, right?
Here it goes..
It's our turn to host the "makan raya" for this year, so I only managed to capture few pictures
... the siblings (minus Adi who was visting the in-laws)...
... dad with all his granddaughters...
... with the cheeky Cha Cha...
Only a week into the Eid that I managed to go to few friends' places..
 ... first Eid with Wazif and the only way to lure him to other people (apart from his mum, grandma and dad) is by bribing him with books...

... with my oldest BF. Could you believe it that we haven't meet each other for (like!) 5 years when in fact, we live 15 minutes from each other...
Eid is always a good time to meet and catch up with old and new friends.
Hope to see more of my friends in the next Eids.
p.s no picture of me and fiance this Eid as he was working. Of course I'm a bit sad that we didn't be able to celebrate Eid together as this would be our first Eid since we got engaged but then I accepted it long ago that, with his job, there are some things we won't be able to celebrate together. But he always make it up whenever he's home =D

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