Naked No More... LOL!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
i had my samsung galaxy tab for a month now.
the day i bought it, the case was out of stock and i just couldn't be bother to look for any availability.

shamelessly naked LOL!!

but today, brother andy came back from KL and he bought me this:

...without me asking =D
thank you bro for the case! love ya!! 

Ombak Rindu - the movie

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

after a lot of nagging, frustrated and jealousy (of others who had seen it), i finally managed to watch aaron aziz.. ehem! lol! last night =D

it is almost 3 weeks Ombak Rindu had been premiered and i gotta say, the response is way too overwhelming! only now i honestly understand the pain to get the best seats. everytime i had the time to watch Ombak Rindu, i always get disappointed for not having a ticket with a good seat, that is! The only seats that were available were way too the front or i can't get any at all.

yesterday, bro muiz managed to buy the tickets for 9.40pm show during his lunch break and even then, we only managed to get seats at row F! WTH? the cinema was full from top to bottom and what surprise me more last night was that majority of the audiences were male! yes, i kid you not!!! for a love malay movie, it was really come as a shock to me..

back to Omabak Rindu, the soundtrack above, i gotta admit is lovely but i was disappointed in the movie. don't get me wrong. the movie is super awesome. i never thought aaron aziz would look awesome together with maya karin and i was trying very hard to control my tears. luckily, i managed! no tears spilled LOL!

so, why i was disappointed? i think i just have a very high expectation of this movie and hoping that it would deliver the same emotional feelings i had when i read the Ombak Rindu, the novel. but it failed! i don't know if it's me or the movie but there is no fault in aaron aziz's acting.. haha! i might be biased and blinded with his macho-ness but then who cares? LOL!

but my disappointment asides, Ombak Rindu, i consider the best malay movie so far and it is a must-watch movie. if you haven't read the novel yet, do so! as my sister-in-law was saying everyone now looking for the novel which is currently not available anywhere. for me, i had the novel but somehow, someone borrowed it and never return it back!! bummer!


I never thought a day would come when I have to use a torchlight to work.

For the last 2 working days, since last Saturday and Monday, we had been experiencing power failure.
The funny thing is that the power failure occurs at 7.40am; 5 minutes before the official working time. Good timing huh! And the power cut would be an hour till 8.40am when everything resume back to normal.

I was wondering whether this is part of the government plan to conserve energy. But as my knowledge, the power failure only affecting our building - 8 floors altogether. Luckily, I'm on the second floor and I honestly don't envy for those who work on the 7th and 8th floor. Climbing up the stairs to the upper levels is not a problem for me (it's a good exercise actually) but climbing up those stairs with high heels, skirts (as in baju kurung) with bags all around (handbags, laptop bags and lunch bag), that I cannot do. As my boss on the 8th floor said, "...perfume gone even before i reach the office..." LOL!

New 'hot' spot....

Monday, December 19, 2011
currently, i'm back to my active lifestyle aka hiking and exercise although i gotta admit it ain't as frequent and excessive as before. i think my age is catching up on me (LOL!!) so i gotta take it slow and easy.

Tasek Lama and Bukit Shahbandar, my previous hiking spots are not the places you would do an easy and slow hike/walk/jogging. i don't know about you guys but for me, exercising at Tasek Lama or Bukit Shahbandar is somehow very competitive; everyone wants to be the first who reach the top and if you are slow and somehow 'in their ways', people would just cut you off and gave you 'that' look.

furthermore, there is the concern of safety. both areas are consider as the recreational parks hence trees everywhere and surrounded by the jungle so the chances of you get lost is there. i'm not saying that you will get lost but the chances of 'seeing the unseen' is likely high. and then there is wild monkeys. wild monkeys are everywhere at Bukit Shahbandar, i mean literally everywhere! can't blame the monkeys tho' as those areas are 'their areas'.

anyway, both my parents and i found a new spot for our relax walk/hike/jog - kg dadap/bukit dadap. it's actually a normal kampung (around 5 minutes from my home) but the road or shall i say the hills are quiet interesting. it has lots up and lots of down as any hills should be LOL! the route is around 3km but me and my parents would stop at the 2km mark and trace our steps back hence we are doing 4km.. yea!

for the first few months, i only saw few people, say around 15 people doing their exercise, mostly the regular ones but yesterday, i saw a lot much more, maybe around 40. it's good to know more people are concern about their health and as for me and my parents, there is no better place for us to do our routine exercise where there is less pressure and less competitive ;)

all photos below were taken last weekend...

my parents; on our way up...

on our way down, it was drizzling...

but the view during the rain is totally worth it =D
how i love rainbow!!!

have a great week ahead people!

Movies worth to wait for..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
i'm a huge movie fan and i would try not to miss watching any great movies...
and here are some of the upcoming movies that personally my favorite and i'm dying to watch it.

::GI Joe Retaliation::
it is believed that Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson would be in this sequel

::Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance::

::Bourne 4::
I had been "following" Jason Bourne since his first movie, i'm very sure i'm not gonna miss this one. But it makes me wonder, doesn't he ever tired of being chase and running away? hmm...

there are so many upcoming movies that are sequels of the previous one. there is the National Treasures 3 (definitely enter into my own top list movie to watch), then Ghostbuster 3, Hairspray 2, Hitman 2 (uuhhh.. also noted in my list).

and you can expect the sequels of Jumper 2, Kick Ass 2, The Last Airbender 2, Night At The Museum 3, Taken 2, Swat 2, Wolverine 2 and Terminator 5. Gosh! that's a lot of sequel coming up in the coming year.

but 1 sequel i can't hardly wait - and it's coming soon.. yea!!! would be;

::Sherlock Holmes::
i just love them speaking in british accents.. lol!

The many faces of my nieces...

Saturday, December 10, 2011
as most of you know,
i have 4 nieces, currently and each of them have their own antics...

the first 3 nieces
left to right: Nur Rabiatul Adawiyah (2nd), Adriana Adawiyah (3rd) and Batrisya Adawiyah (1st)
don't ask me why Batrisya always close her eyes for every photos taken.

and then the 4th niece,
Basirah Adawiyah....

this is my favorite!


~~Happy Birthday Love~~

to you, who are currently away,
happy wonderful birthday
i know you didn't celebrate your birthday that often but i do hope you have a wonderful day;
may you be blessed all the way
and i will see you when you are back! =D

lots of love!

AMR Workshop

Friday, December 9, 2011
what an exhausting 5-day i'm having!
department of pharmaceutical services, moh brunei was conducting a workshop on the rational use of antimicrobial agents which was held in radisson hotel from 5th-9th december 2011.

a total of 60 participants from brunei, loa PDR, indonesia, malaysia and the philippines were selected coming from different fields. we have a room filled with doctors, pharmacists, microbiologists and infection control personnel.

5th december 2011

...we were divided into 8 groups and i'm in group 4 =) ...

6th december 2011

...welcoming dinner cum opening ceremony...
...with 3 bruneians participants on my left, 3 indonesian participants infront of me, 2 philippino participants on my right and 1 participant from jpmc...

7th december 2011

...photo session before the workshop resumes after lunch...

8th december 2011

...participants from group 4 (excluding dr nimfa)...

...dr irene farinas from the philippines...

...dr nimfa putong from the philippines...

9th december 2011

...dr irene presenting her follow up plans...

...left to right: prof kafle, budiono santoso and dr luke mathew...

...me, daniel and dk zarina..

... dr luke mathew delivering a speech on behalf of the bruneian participants...

...director of pharmaceutical services delivering her speech...

...with 1/4 of the participants and the invited speakers...

initially, when my name was selected for this workshop, i was like...yuck!! mainly because i'm not an "office person". i don't like sitting in a room for hours, doing reports, typing into the computer. i'm more like an active person. i like to move around and not stay at one place for hours.

seminars, workshops, meeting as such is not my cup of tea, shall i say, so i was not that enthusiastic to attend this workshop. furthermore it started at 8am and end at 5pm! but as the day passed and as we learnt more and more into the topics presented by the WHO consultants, i changed my mind.. yes! i did! shocking, i know! lol!! we even had a field trip =D

the workshop was very informative, educational and the most important thing is that it an interactive workshop. every participants/groups shared their own experiences and gave their feedbacks.

the indonesian participants left early on today's last workshop as they have to catch their noon flight so i didn't manage to take pictures with them whilst the loa and malaysian paticipants are so shy that i too become shy to ask for photo session with them lol!

physically, i'm not that tired but this workshop mentally exhaust me - a lot of thinking, absorbing new information and now, reports and follow up to be done... yikesss!

Baby Zoe's 1-month old birthday bash

Monday, December 5, 2011
.... introducing my youngest cousin - so far...
Baby Zoe Chong is my youngest uncle, Uncle Onn's daughter...
he and his wife, Aunt Mei Chun gave a treat for the families on Baby Zoe's 1-month birthday ;) last 27th October 2011

... she is adorable...

... my brother, Andy is just so crazy for the red eggs...
... chinese believed that it would bring lucks...

...me and cousin chun...
...i'm using my samsung galaxy tab front camera, hence the not-so-great quality picture...

...awww... someone's head is too shiny... lol!
...smile my dearest uncle =P

...so many leftovers...
...ahhh, the takeaway sessions...


why i love the rain...

... because of the rainbow after the rain =D