Naked No More... LOL!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
i had my samsung galaxy tab for a month now.
the day i bought it, the case was out of stock and i just couldn't be bother to look for any availability.

shamelessly naked LOL!!

but today, brother andy came back from KL and he bought me this:

...without me asking =D
thank you bro for the case! love ya!! 

3 knock knock:

~cik lenny~ said...

salam..hye sis..

i just want to ask 1 question..
sy ade bace entry awk yg lepas pasal novel dosa semalam..
~kat negara manakah keluarga Izan menetap dalam Dosa Semalam?

iantie said...

Salam sis,
Sorry for the late reply.. been bz lately.
Hmmm... Izan's family in Dosa Semalam menetap kat Canada.
Hope it helps :-)
Happy new year... thanks for dropping by :-)

~cik lenny~ said...

thank ye sis :)
happy new year too..