Ombak Rindu - the movie

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

after a lot of nagging, frustrated and jealousy (of others who had seen it), i finally managed to watch aaron aziz.. ehem! lol! last night =D

it is almost 3 weeks Ombak Rindu had been premiered and i gotta say, the response is way too overwhelming! only now i honestly understand the pain to get the best seats. everytime i had the time to watch Ombak Rindu, i always get disappointed for not having a ticket with a good seat, that is! The only seats that were available were way too the front or i can't get any at all.

yesterday, bro muiz managed to buy the tickets for 9.40pm show during his lunch break and even then, we only managed to get seats at row F! WTH? the cinema was full from top to bottom and what surprise me more last night was that majority of the audiences were male! yes, i kid you not!!! for a love malay movie, it was really come as a shock to me..

back to Omabak Rindu, the soundtrack above, i gotta admit is lovely but i was disappointed in the movie. don't get me wrong. the movie is super awesome. i never thought aaron aziz would look awesome together with maya karin and i was trying very hard to control my tears. luckily, i managed! no tears spilled LOL!

so, why i was disappointed? i think i just have a very high expectation of this movie and hoping that it would deliver the same emotional feelings i had when i read the Ombak Rindu, the novel. but it failed! i don't know if it's me or the movie but there is no fault in aaron aziz's acting.. haha! i might be biased and blinded with his macho-ness but then who cares? LOL!

but my disappointment asides, Ombak Rindu, i consider the best malay movie so far and it is a must-watch movie. if you haven't read the novel yet, do so! as my sister-in-law was saying everyone now looking for the novel which is currently not available anywhere. for me, i had the novel but somehow, someone borrowed it and never return it back!! bummer!

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