Movies worth to wait for..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
i'm a huge movie fan and i would try not to miss watching any great movies...
and here are some of the upcoming movies that personally my favorite and i'm dying to watch it.

::GI Joe Retaliation::
it is believed that Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson would be in this sequel

::Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance::

::Bourne 4::
I had been "following" Jason Bourne since his first movie, i'm very sure i'm not gonna miss this one. But it makes me wonder, doesn't he ever tired of being chase and running away? hmm...

there are so many upcoming movies that are sequels of the previous one. there is the National Treasures 3 (definitely enter into my own top list movie to watch), then Ghostbuster 3, Hairspray 2, Hitman 2 (uuhhh.. also noted in my list).

and you can expect the sequels of Jumper 2, Kick Ass 2, The Last Airbender 2, Night At The Museum 3, Taken 2, Swat 2, Wolverine 2 and Terminator 5. Gosh! that's a lot of sequel coming up in the coming year.

but 1 sequel i can't hardly wait - and it's coming soon.. yea!!! would be;

::Sherlock Holmes::
i just love them speaking in british accents.. lol!

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didz said...

im so waiting for national treasure 3. hope it,s gonna be shown late next year...bleh bawa si wazif ke empire m8 hehee basar dah dikit kan..

iantie said...

Advice fr an aunt m8, jgnth bwa ur kids under 3yrs old to the cinema..lol!! Had experiences before dh n lets just say that nda nyanyat ulehnya especially for movie-goers like me...or m i just being impatient? :-)

didz said...

will let the ushers babysit wazif! hahha! dont worry, i wont bring him anyway.i myself cannot handle things in the dark...khekhekhee

iantie said...

cannot handle things in the dark??? r u very very very sure? LOL!!! gosh! i need to wash my brain... it's getting dirtier by the days.. whahaha!