Happy Birthday Brunei!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
23rd February 1984
That's the most important date for my small, beloved country, Brunei Darussalam =)

we celebrated our 27th birthday with a cloudy, rainy morning
but that didn't dampen our patriotic spirits and we celebrated with those glorious parade and field performances.

As for me,
I didn't involved in any of the marching and performances this year.
Hmmm... to think about it, I never get involved in anything for the National Day! LOL!
But I'm a Bruneian (a proud one that is)! LOL!

Happy 27th Birthday Brunei!

Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Today marks Prophet Muhammad's birthday (PBUH).

Peace to all!

Wishes! Wishes! Wishes!

What's your wish??

Times Square

-doesn't everyone?- LOL

-cheekbones? i wonder what happen to his/her cheekbones-
-married soon? sounds desperate? or merely hopeful?-


There were hundreds (if not thousands) of these but I got dizzy reading them all but some sure crack a smile out of me. Makes my Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Everything at Once - Lenka

This would be the second song from Lenka that I love;
adapted from the Grey's Anatomy series

My Weekend... off to Lumut!

... to attend a friend's cum colleague's wedding that is! And I'm just happy as a passenger =)

The wedding reception was held in Liang Lumut Recreation Club. It was my first time coming to the 'depth' of Lumut and it was magnificent! The LLRC was situated exactly by the sea/beach and wow, it was super breathtaking! Makes me wish I live there =)


Last Monday vs Yesterday Monday

I would like to mind readers and fellow bloggers that I don't specifically hate Monday nor I have the so-called Monday Blues but I had to say last week Monday was not a very good day for me.

It started to be a good day; it was raining and for those who don't know me (yet!), I love rain and it was my first day of a course at the Islamic Da'wah Center. Everything went well tha morning until I was on my way home that lunch hour. My car's battery indicator was flashing and I knew, something was wrong. I can 'feel' it! But Alhamdulillah, I managed to arrive home safe. Dad came home and I told him the problem. Just as I guessed - it's the alternator! O! Not again! This would be the second time!!

The first time, I spent $600+ to fix the alternator. Fix it, mind you? Dad said, this time maybe I should replace it with a new one!! So. Dad asked around. Agent price = $1400! Yikes! Workshop price (brand new) = $900+, secondhand = $600+! Fewwhhh! But in the end, Dad found a workshop that can fix the alternator for about $200!

-that's an alternator, btw... LOL-

For the following days, I had to car pool with my brother; which was troublesome! But by Saturday, I'm a free driver again and with that, I finished my course with a satisfying certificate =)

Yesterday Monday, it promised to be a beautiful day!

After a week of not coming in to the office, work was hectic but managable! And everytime I feel down, I just look at this picture! Awesome-ness!

-3 in 1 (the rainbow, the cloud and the brilliant blue blue sky)-

Price Tag - Jessie J feat B.O.B

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Got to love this song!
It has that fresh tune that makes you want to sing along...

Top 7 Things Not Known by People About Me

Saturday, February 5, 2011
... as tagged by Ning Li

1. I'm daddy's little girl!
LOL! I think some people know that! Okay! I shall be ashamed to admit this but somehow I don't! No matter how old I get (not that old yet anyway!), I would always and would be my dad's little girl!

2. I used to be a tomboy
Does anyone knows that? Hands up if you do!

3. I always wanted to be an archeologist
My biggest passion (apart from reading) would be discoveries and history and I always fell in 'love' with archeologists =) Besides, digging dirts is fun! LOL

4. When I'm mad (at someone or about something) I would be quiet
I'm labelled as talk active to those who know me well. And well, I talked a lot around people I'm comfortable and close with. My boss and colleagues even bet among themselves on how long I can stand without talking - but of course, they always lose. I can be quiet if I want to. And I would be quietest of all when I'm mad.

5. I bottled up my feelings
I might write a lot in here but 95% of my feelings are bottled up inside me. I don't talk about feelings easily which makes me lousy in relationship... haha!

6. I can't sleep without my oldest, smelliest bolster
Yup! I'm that person! I had that bolster (whom I named L***** ) had been with me since 1990 and I always have him around me. Yes, it's a male gender. I even tuck him in my suitcase and flew him all the way to Singapore with me when I was staying there. We are inseparable! LOL!

7. I want to write a book about my blogger friends
But in order to do that, I would like to travel to their home countries and 'catch' them at their own surrounding. Gosh, it would take me ages to get the fund, travel and meet but who knows, 1 day.....

I wouldn't consider it top 7 but I guess this would do =)


The many faces of Zakwan

Friday, February 4, 2011

Zakwan would only pose for the camera if the flash is on!

Surf Up!

One of those things I want to do - surfing but never got the guts to do it!
I don't know how to swim
and I'm phobia of the deep sea! LOL!

Promising 1st Day of February

It's the coolest Tuesday morning... ever!

~~Ah!What a bliss~~