Top 7 Things Not Known by People About Me

Saturday, February 5, 2011
... as tagged by Ning Li

1. I'm daddy's little girl!
LOL! I think some people know that! Okay! I shall be ashamed to admit this but somehow I don't! No matter how old I get (not that old yet anyway!), I would always and would be my dad's little girl!

2. I used to be a tomboy
Does anyone knows that? Hands up if you do!

3. I always wanted to be an archeologist
My biggest passion (apart from reading) would be discoveries and history and I always fell in 'love' with archeologists =) Besides, digging dirts is fun! LOL

4. When I'm mad (at someone or about something) I would be quiet
I'm labelled as talk active to those who know me well. And well, I talked a lot around people I'm comfortable and close with. My boss and colleagues even bet among themselves on how long I can stand without talking - but of course, they always lose. I can be quiet if I want to. And I would be quietest of all when I'm mad.

5. I bottled up my feelings
I might write a lot in here but 95% of my feelings are bottled up inside me. I don't talk about feelings easily which makes me lousy in relationship... haha!

6. I can't sleep without my oldest, smelliest bolster
Yup! I'm that person! I had that bolster (whom I named L***** ) had been with me since 1990 and I always have him around me. Yes, it's a male gender. I even tuck him in my suitcase and flew him all the way to Singapore with me when I was staying there. We are inseparable! LOL!

7. I want to write a book about my blogger friends
But in order to do that, I would like to travel to their home countries and 'catch' them at their own surrounding. Gosh, it would take me ages to get the fund, travel and meet but who knows, 1 day.....

I wouldn't consider it top 7 but I guess this would do =)

7 knock knock:

Dai Ning Li said...

So prompt response... kudos to Iantie! Yey!!! You know the counterpart of "tomboy" in Mandarin is "nan tong sing lien" or she-male ;') Hehehe! No one is lousy in a relationship if both parties try to bend down to meet each other's expectations. Perhaps you just have your parameters to not disclosing too much to people you are just learning to trust. Cheers to L**** for being tucked along at your luggage always! Your revelation of all these is just so interesting. You are welcome here supposing one day you head up-north to meet our blogger friends. I'll show you around, let's ambush BEANY at his diaper factory. Hahahah

Ryan said...

I feel I know you 7 times more than I did before lol.

iantie said...

@Ning Li,
You bet! If I come to your country, I would spend few days with you and discuss on our plans to ambush BEANY! haha!

now your turn! LOL!

beanizer_05 said...

hey vewwwy rude terrorists!!!

ambush my cutest butt!? you can't catch me! huh!
grrrrrrr...iantie! since when did you join forces with these harmful creatures! you were a 'lil quiet under didz' company..what did ning li made you!?

now, this is more terrifying..they got needles and now they got people working in labs!

iantie said...

Oh Beany,
I don't just ambush any one you know? You should be honored =) Besides, ambushing a diaper factory sounds wicked! and while we are at it, we might as well have smelly diaper wars! LOL!


Ryan said...

Just to let you know that Marly has received my book and will send it on to you when she's read it. Have a great day.

iantie said...

oh! that's great! I hope Marly would contact me soon. Can't hardly wait. Thanks for the info Ryan!