Lousy/Lazy Blogger LOL

Thursday, November 10, 2011
i admit!
i'm considered as one of the lousiest and laziest bloggers around LOL
and i'm not proud of it...

i was 'wasting' my time looking around my blog and only now i realized that i blog less and less (this year) as the months passed by... yikes!
if i'm in business, i think i would go broke lol!

have i lost an interest in blogging?
oh no! a chatty person like me (lol!) is never running out of ideas on what to write.
so, whatever am i doing, you might wonder?
now, let's see...

work-related matters, well, work is always hectic although surprisingly, patients are less these past 2 weeks but my paperworks are pilling up. in addition to that, it's coming to the end of the year, hence more reports pending to be submitted.
on top of those paperworks, my after office hours are filled with lectures and meetings... yikes!
last wednesday and today, i had been attending a lecture and a meeting respectively... more meetings coming up soon. so not looking forward to....

the available time i have at home, i make good use of it....
such as

gosh! i'm so addicted to skype nowadays *wink*wink*

apart from "skype-ing", i spend a lot on reading and end up by falling asleep with the novel somewhere lying around in my bed, with the lights still on lol!

and there is nora elena

this malaysian drama series is so addictive.
what's more is that it's an adaption from a novel, kasih yang suci by meen zulaikha.
i read the novel years ago and when finally it is made into a series; with my favorite handsome actor, aaron aziz.... fewwwhhh! i'm officially hooked!
thanks love (again!) for the series dvds =D

drama - addictive; actor - hooked; soundtrack - lovin' it!

have a great weekend everyone!

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

as long as you are having fun, its all good pooch !
~laura xx