Ahhh... November

Saturday, November 5, 2011
Times goes by so fast and it's now November.
I do like November but I just can't help but wish November to pass by quickly so that December can come faster LOL!

So far, it had been a lonely November for me (although it's just coming to the 5th November LOL!)
Both my BFs are not around - my best friend just gave birth last month and currently enjoying her 105-day maternity leave with the adorable cute Baby Wazif while my boyfriend is now back to work.

But no worries, I have plenty of stuffs to occupy me while both of them are away. My best friend gives me few series to watch while my boyfriend gives me (so far) my favorite malay series, Nora Elena to watch. Why my favorite? Coz Aaron Aziz is in there.. LOL! And I have few malay novels that are waiting to be read.... so, as I said, I got tonnes of stuffs to keep me busy =D

Have a great weekend everyone!
And Selamat Hari Raya Aidil' Adha to all muslims all over the world ;)

4 knock knock:

Didz said...

M8, u can always come and visit me & baby wazif..we are expecting u every week.
Wanna keep urself fully occupied...come around & help me take care of ur nephew here during nights, lol!

iantie said...

i know i am welcome everyday m8 =D besides i'm not satisfied yet playing with baby Wazif.. hehe. take care of Wazif at night? whaha.. i would end up asleep while baby Wazif crying non-stop LOL

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hold up on the wishing for december to be here
its my 50th birthday in december so im ok with it being november lol :)
~laura xx

iantie said...

@laura - 50th?? you are not kidding me, right? LOL!! woohhooo... you don't look like one 'sides you should be proud... it's your golden jublie, half a decade pooch! =D

hugs and kisses,