7 Hari Mencintaiku - Siti Rosmizah

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Title: 7 Hari Mencintaiku
Author: Siti Rosmizah
No. of pages: 1048 pages
Publisher: SR Publications

After Andai Itu TakdirNya, Cinta Kau dan Aku and Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu, the no.1 fastest best selling author (in my opinion, anyway), Siti Rosmizah is back with her 4th novel, 7 Hari Mencintaiku.

Why do I say she is the fastest? Cos with 2 novels in the market, her 3rd novel comes out from her own publication company - SR Publications! Wow! She must be making lots. But can't deny it, for a romantic person like me, myself and I, I have to salute her! She makes the best novel ever!

And I would like to thank my 2 MALE friends, Jace - for recommending Siti Rosmizah's first novel to me and to Memen - for giving me Siti Rosmizah's first novel as a gift =P Trust me, those 2 guys have a good taste in books LOL! Now, I'm hooked to Siti Rosmizah!

Mia Adriana and Khuzairi are 2 people coming from 2 different worlds. Mia is to be considered the most hatred person in the world while Khuzairi is the most beloved person ever. Mia is spoilt, selfish and would only think about herself while Khuzairi is much loved and would sacrifice everything for those he loves. I would say Khuzairi is every woman's dream of a man (if such a man ever exists).

And what happened if these 2 different worlds collide? On her nikah's night, Mia was left by her fiance (due to money matters) and left her no choice but to marry her father's choice, Khuzairi as her dad's dying wish. With no love for her husband, Mia treated her husband in the meanest possible ways but as I said, Khuzairi would do anything for the people he loves except letting Mia go.

This is a novel that would tell you how deep a guy loves his mum, no matter it's just his stepmum and loving his wife, Mia. And how he was torn to choose between his stepmum and his wife. And how he sacrificed his money for the love to his half-brother. And how he kept his promise to his father-in-law and stepmum-in-law to honour, love and guide his wife till his dying day.

But does Mia knows what sacrifices her husband had to make to make her happy and loved? Or would the realisation comes too late when Khuzairi couldn't take it anymore?

Definitely a MUST read for both man and woman out there. It might be fictional but there are lessons worth to be learnt.

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Ryan said...

Sounds like a fascinating read for both woman and men.

Diana said...


I love reading your Malay Novels reviews. Really helpful since I just got interested into reading malay novels. Tekial2 jua mencari apa ceta yang syok then I found your blog. Do keep on reviewing and looking forward to your future post.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

nice review... they should hire you :)
what you been up to girl?
~laura xx

Pooch Purple Reign said...

are you back to work?i thought i gave you more time off... haha

iantie said...

@Ryan: hey, what's up dude?? long time i didn't tease you and make riots at your blog LOL! but i will soon... beware!

@Diana: hai! sorry for the late input. been buzy up to my neck lately. I got some malay novel reviews in this blog. feel free to browse around. i have some malay novel reviews i haven't update yet... soon, insyaAllah =)

@Laura: Pooch!!!! Miss you! hope all is well with you back in Ontario. Been out of date lately. Update soon... Muahzz!

Anonymous said...

I realy like the way you pen down your words about this Novel.

Actualy i have read most of her (Siti Rosmizah)'s novel & belive me NO REGRETS reading her novels..., i jus love it.

I am almost done with this novel "7 hari menyintaiku", it's realy nice & teaches the family value. Still abit more to go....

I just bought another of her latest novel of SR "TAKDIR ITU MILIK AKU", looking forward to read it.....

I guess tats all for now...

Regards: Vicky

iantie said...

Hai Vicky,
thanks for the comments =D

Gosh! Lucky you to have her latest novel. I haven't manage to grab it yet, always out of stock ;(

But I would grab it soon and I'm sure I'm gonna love it too.