Novel Review: Mampu Mencintaimu

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Mampu Mencintaimu
by Auni Amauni
537 pages
Kaki Novel Enterprise
Seeing her 3 brothers were married off by their parents' choice, Sarah Humaira decided long time ago that she won't be getting married anytime soon, especially not by her parents' choice of groom and the only way to do that was to further studies till she got her doctorate.

But when her parents found out that she would be continuing her studies to the US, her mom objected and she did what Sarah Humaira swore not to do - marry her off. Her parents gave her a choice; be married or they won't allow her to continue her studies. Sarah finally gave in but when she knew that her husband was the person she hated the most, she left him - she went to US while her husband got posted to the UK. They were separated for 5 years!

Coming back with phd, Sarah couldn't get a job as a lecturer so she grabed the first job offer she got as an engineer working under Haris Safwan. Before they even worked together, they had arguments. Don't know why Haris Safwan liked to irritate Sarah Humaira and Sarah Humaira disliked Haris Safwan the first moment she laid eyes on him.

5 years hadn't change Sarah Humaira, his wife as Haris Safwan would say. But Haris Safwan had changed a lot. From a skinny lad, now he was a tough guy; he braced his teeth to make them even and with his karisma and aura, his smiles made ladies melt. He tranformed a lot that even his own wife couldn't recognise him!

Eventhough she hadn't see nor talk to his husband for 5 years, Sarah Humaira still think herself as a married woman and she always distance herself from men, the main reason she could only accept Kamal Ikhwan as a friend. As the day passed, she was feeling more guilty to her husband and it led her to look for her husband. But where to find him? She didn't even know his name! The only thing she knew was that he was in UK.

A work trip with Haris Safwan changed everything. Sarah was feeling all the things she wasn't suppose to be feeling - for Haris Safwan. She was a married woman, for God's sake and she told Haris Safwan the truth - about her marriage, husband and her guilt. Haris who was waiting for that moment thought this would be the perfect time to reveal himself. Haris went home to Sarah's parents' home and with her parents' persuassion, Sarah came home at the same time.

When she finally found out Haris was her own husband, Sarah was more than willing to make up for the lost time. And they were happy. But then nothing as easy as it sound. Before reaching the "...happily ever after...", they were tested with so much. Could their love for each other stand? ;)

My rating: 8/10

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Novel Review: Isteri Separuh Masa

Isteri Separuh Masa
by Suri Ryana
551 pages
Kaki Novel Enterprise
Isteri Separuh Masa is the author's second novel after M.A.I.D (which I read back exactly a year ago). I don't remember doing a novel review for her first novel but I do remember I like it LOL! Hence I didn't hestitate to buy her second 'baby' - Isteri Separuh Masa.

Medina Izwani was adopted when she was 6 years old by Nazrin Shah's parents. She was treated like their own daughter and a sister by Nazrin until 1 day, Medina clamied that she saw Zita (Nazrin's soon to be fiance at that time) having an affair with another man. Nazrin's parents and grandma were furious and the engagement was cancelled. Nazrin was devastated and he blamed Medina for what happened.

From that day onwards, Nazrin somehow had cast Medina as an outsider. For him, she was no longer the beloved sister she once to be. Whenever they met, verbal fights were always there. Just before Nazrin left to the UK to continue his studies, his parents and grandma decided to marry him off - to Medina! Both strongly disagree obviously! Medina who was having "cinta monyet" with Megat Shazril at that time wanted to fulfill her dreams to study in Ireland with Megat Shazril before marriage.

But for their love to their grandma, who was fallen ill due to their rejections, Nazrin and Medina finally agreed. Soon after their marriage, Nazrin left for UK and the husband and wife only met few times.

4 years later, Medina who was an undergraduate student was shocked to meet his adopted brother aka her husband in the uni's parking lot and more suprisingly, Nazrin was her tutor!! It was getting complicated when Medina had to move in with her husband when their family decided to visit and stay with them for a while.

When 2 people who had known each other for almost their lives; no matter how one hated the another but if you placed them in a room for a longer period of time, they would eventually make up for the sake of memories... sweet memories.
Medina admitted that she had fallen in love with her husband but afraid to say so eventho she noticed that Nazrin had changed, day by day. But when Zita came back into Nazrin's life and demanded that he divorced Medina, Medina had no choice but to confront them and told Zita that Nazrin was not "her type of guy". Nazrin, who realised that he loved Medina was crushed when he heard those words from Medina. Few misunderstandings there, few misunderstandings here, they finally made up... of course... but... life ain't that easy as it seems.

Zafril, who admitted that he liked Medina was frustrated when Medina didn't show any interest in him. So he used Niza, Medina's roommate in uni to know what's happening in Medina's life. Obsession? More to payback, I shall say.
What's the connection between Medina, Zafril, Megat Shazril and Niza? Well, read it to find out... khehe

My rating: 7/10

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Little Updates

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Sorry for the slow updates (on almost everything), been buzy lately with the staff reshuffles, inspections and never ending paperworks. That's what happening at the office.

At home? Even worst! My brother is getting married soon (told you so many marraiges and engagements this year), so it was hectic around here. My brother happily left half of the wedding stuffs to us - the guest list, the caterers, the menus, the functions and such and man! it ain't easy. Me and my parents practically had been running here and there so hope everything goes well.. insyaAllah..

Reading-wise? I was supposed to finish reading Cintamu Cintaku Satu by Ana Sofiya but somehow I was "stuck" at page 163 and when I realised that I need a break from this novel, I went to the bookshop and grab a copy of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Match Me If You Can.

Even before I had my tablet, I mainly downloads the english novels online and read them via laptop and now tablet. It had been a long time I read a proper english novel - a book - and smelling the yellowish recycled papers had been good... aaahhh! I didn't realised how much I miss reading english novels and Match Me If You Can is great! Superb reading.. It makes me wonder now why I didn't review any english novels (or did I?) apart from Chasing Harry Winston.. that was ages ago... hmmm

Anyway, with my hectic schedule, my brother's wedding, my upcoming leave and my bf coming home soon (Yea!!!), I will try the very best to update my blog but in the meantime, enjoy! ;)


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