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Thursday, May 24, 2012
puuuuff *clearing the webs* hehe...

Sorry for the slow updates (on almost everything), been buzy lately with the staff reshuffles, inspections and never ending paperworks. That's what happening at the office.

At home? Even worst! My brother is getting married soon (told you so many marraiges and engagements this year), so it was hectic around here. My brother happily left half of the wedding stuffs to us - the guest list, the caterers, the menus, the functions and such and man! it ain't easy. Me and my parents practically had been running here and there so hope everything goes well.. insyaAllah..

Reading-wise? I was supposed to finish reading Cintamu Cintaku Satu by Ana Sofiya but somehow I was "stuck" at page 163 and when I realised that I need a break from this novel, I went to the bookshop and grab a copy of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Match Me If You Can.

Even before I had my tablet, I mainly downloads the english novels online and read them via laptop and now tablet. It had been a long time I read a proper english novel - a book - and smelling the yellowish recycled papers had been good... aaahhh! I didn't realised how much I miss reading english novels and Match Me If You Can is great! Superb reading.. It makes me wonder now why I didn't review any english novels (or did I?) apart from Chasing Harry Winston.. that was ages ago... hmmm

Anyway, with my hectic schedule, my brother's wedding, my upcoming leave and my bf coming home soon (Yea!!!), I will try the very best to update my blog but in the meantime, enjoy! ;)

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