Here we go... again!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Just a week to go before I celebrate my birthday and less than 2 weeks before my short get-away trip,
I'm down with a flu again.. or so I thought.
Couldn't handle the headaches, runny nose, chesty cough and watery eyes,
I finally (fewwhh!) seek the doctor's advice.
The doctor dignosed me with a severe sinusitis and being a very good doctor, he even sketch a diagram of my nose and made it nicer.. LOL!
But this diagram is not what he sketch. Trust me, doctors aren't good as artists.
But the idea of what he's trying to explain to me was the same.
Basically I had excess mucus and he listed all the things and stuffs I should avoided in order to 'heal' my allergies... which is almost like everything in my surroundings!!
Remember I once posted an entry where my sinus will definitly kill me....one day.. it might just happened..
Oh well... I can't stay in a sterile environment all my life. It would be dead boring.. haha but the other option is more or less the same..
Currently, I'm still stuck with my excess mucus; my fever on and off and headaches, gosh, let's not dwell into that.
Mama's love is very unconditional.
At my age, my mummy still nurse me... yup! She sponge bath me (seriously!); she cooked me porridge when my throat can't take solid food; she changed and launder my bedsheets, my comforter and my towels; she massaged my throbbing head; she hold me hands when I'm too weak to walk and put me in bed and Alhamdulillah, with my mummy's unconditional love and attention, I'm slowly back to my normal health...
Love you Mummy...
And my Daddy... who kept on nagging, asking me to see the doctor and take Adem Sari..
Love you both!
And... definitly not forgetting my ex-boyfriend ;)
Who managed to drag me out of bed on Sunday and brought me to the clinic; bought porridge and soups for my painful throat and for keeping me company the following day..
Love you too! 

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