May Birthdays....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Wow! Been a while I didn't update my blog. Sorry for the slow updates. I had been busy for the last few weeks with weddings, birthdays hence no updates.

I realised that I update less on the personal stuffs and more on the book reviews lately so now, I'm holding back my book review first and do some personal updates.

We celebrated 3 birthdays last Mei - my mom's and 2 of my nieces'; Batrisya Adawiyah's 9th and Basirah Adawiyah's 1st.

 Mom; she is not a big fan of cakes so we didn't give her any.. booo... but we treated her to a fab breakfast. It was a double celebration for her too as her birthday fell the same day as Mothers' Day...

For Batrisya, we just made a simple and small celebration as her birthday fell on the eve of brother Adi's solemnization day, so things were kindda hectic.

Once I made a scrapboard for my bff and Batrisya liked it. I decided to make her one for her birthday and I made this in just 20 minutes... well, provided the materials are there. Not bad for a begineer ya.. hehe

For her little sister, Basirah's 1st birthday, it was Armed Forced Day and it was public holiday but I was working.. booohoo. I made use of my 2-hour break, came home and was there to see Basirah celebrated her 1st birthday... very cheeky girl...

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