Hello Baby Wazif =D

Friday, October 14, 2011
Introducing my BFF's bundle of joy, cries and laughter LOL,
Baby Wazif =D

He's adorable,
just like his mummy haha

But when I took this picture, he wasn't that happy
cos I disturb his feeding and sleeping
but he managed to give me a good pose! =D

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Didz said...

In all i'm absolutely sure he's happy to have such a great aunt like you m8..i'll make sure you will get your times to pamper him..hehee ;)

Dai Ning Li said...
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Dai Ning Li said...

Is this DIDZlet??? Wow! Mommy Didz, you're a real mommy now! (jumping and clapping mode)

iantie said...

m8; as i'm too scared to hold baby wazif just yet, i let others pamper him 1st. when he is a bit older and stronger, i will have my share, right? lol! happy recovery m8!

hugges and kisses x0x0x0x0

iantie said...

ning li; yes! it's DIDZlet!! ain't just so adorable?? i always wanted a nephew and at last... i got 1!!! LOL

Pooch Purple Reign said...

~laura xx