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Tuesday, September 13, 2011
What happened to someone like me who is fascinated reading novels and movies and one is being adapted to another??

Especially if the novels are my favorites.

And the hero is one of my favorite Malay actors??

What nonsense I'm talking about?
I just found out that (boo-ed me for being not up-to-date) that Fauziah Ashari's Ombak Rindu is coming out soon in film! Yes! I might be so far behind in knowing this but hey, it's better late than never right? Right?

Fauziah Ashari , I would consider as one of my leading inspirations for me to read Malay novels.
My passion for reading started with English novels and I have to say before Aisya Sofea and Fauziah Ashari, I haven't touch or read any Malay novel.
One day, back in 2001, after addicted to Aisya Sofea's Jauh, I was browsing the book shelves and found Fauziah Ashari's Pergilah Sepi - her 1st novel and ever since then, I haven't miss any of her novels.
It was that addictive and I'm hooked!

Ombak Rindu is definitely one of the best Malay novels I had ever read and I loved the characters.

And I would love it even more when the film comes out end of this year.
Hero character, Hariz (in the movie) would be played by Aaron Aziz... ahhh! My very own hero

Definitely a must-watch movie for me!!!

But I kindda disagree with the production choice of heroin.
Well, no offence but I think Maya Karin is not Izzah (the heroin character in the novel) in my eyes.
Oh well!

And speaking of novels turned to movies, I also found out that there are 7 Alaf 21 novels would be made into movies and series - all are my favorite Malay novels!
Click on the link here

Looks like I would be waiting for all these movies... soon, I hope!

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Dai Ning Li said...

I am not fond of reading novels especially those tackling lives of people, their love stories and downfalls. But I do like reading personal novels telling about how ordinary people become heroes of today's history, just like the fame Mulan has brought to the world from kids to adults.

Hello Iantie!

iantie said...

Hello Ning Li =)
Unlike you, I read ALMOST everything LOL! But I have to admit, reading someone's biography could take me AGES to complete. I prefer to watch than read someone's biography =)