Annual Gathering Theme: Kings and Queens

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Our department's annual gathering is coming soon; a month from today to be exact - 15th May and the theme for this year would be "Kings and Queens" where you are allowed to dress as any kings or any queens you desire.

Cool theme, I shall say. I mean, who would ever thought of becoming either a king or a queen? Prince or princess? Nah, that's too common LOL!

I haven't make up my mind yet to go or not, depending on my mood actually. Besides nowadays I would like to socialize less (yea right! as if that would ever happen!) =D

But the mind-squeezing thing about this theme is that now I have to think of any queen I would like to be - IF I ever plan on going!! The right costume, the right accessories and the right hair-do/tiara.

My first choice (IF I ever going and if I have the right costume) is to be Queen Nefertiti but I think I need to think about other dress that doesn't show my belly button =D

The simplest could be Queen Hatshepsut head-wear!

Cleopatra? The ever famous Queen of Egypt?
Nah! I wouldn't fit in her shoes!

Gosh! This is so hard!
The easiest solution is to be my OWN queen - Queen Iantie... haha!
That would be hilarious!
Oh well, just wait for my updates on this one - if I ever plan of going...

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