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Sunday, March 22, 2009
I know it's been AGESSS I didn't update my blog but no worries, m still alive! With wat's going on with my life lately, socialy and workwise, it had been hectic hence my absenties from updating my blog. So manyyyyy things happened in my life lately, most of them memorable and well, some of them not so. I tried not to think of the not-so-memorable thingy but then hey, you can't just escape from them. It's part of life anyway! Just have to face it and live with it.

There was the flood thingy that hit some part of Brunei; my place included! I didn't go for work the first time our place got hit by the flood and the second time, well, I was on leave hence I spent my 'holiday' trapped at home, watching nothing but the TV. Well, one good thing
is that I catch up with what's happening in the TV world. I seldom watched TV so the 2 days spent at home was kindda worthwhile jua by watching TV...haha!

Not so pleasent...hmmm...an x-bf of mine msged and told me he got married. My reaction? SHOCK! I mean, nda angin
, nda ribut, he just texted me he got married. He texted me AFTER he got married. Macam....WHAT??? I thought we are (were) friends and that's how a friend treated you?? OUCH! That hurts!!! 2 of my friends said that if I don't have any feelings for my x, I wouldn't be mad. So what? I still have a feeling for him??? Imagine, you have a friend, whom you THOUGHT you are close to. He/she got married and he didn't even tell you. How would you feel?? I'm not the type of person to feel offended very easily but when I do (feel offended) trust me, you won't like me for it! This is the second time it happened. Few years back, while I was doing my inservice in Singapore, a 'close' friend of mine got married and she didn't even send me an invitation. Her reason: I was in Singapore and I won't be able to come to her wedding, so why waste an invitation card, right? It hurts and till now, I never really get over it. Ever heard the phrase, it takes a second to like someone, takes a minute to love that someone and takes ages to forget that someone? Oh well, in my case, it's easy to forget me. Hey! I don't mind! Get married all you guys like. Don't bother to tell me. I won't come anyway!!! There......all my frustration vent up, lets move on!

Let's go to pleasant things. Early February, I dared myself to ride a bike; a rider! Of course, m not the one riding it. A friend of mine owns a Kawasak
i rider and he offered to give me a ride. It was so damned cool and exhilarating!! It was my first time riding a bike and man....nyanyat kali ah! hahaha! but my first ride cost me my hp! I placed my hp in my pocket and somehow, alone the ride, my hp fell and the screen berkecai seribu....but nothing beats the ride ;)

2 Fridays ago, I was working and after work, me and a friend went to watch the 'Watchmen'. Truth to be told, it's not as I was expected! I thought that it would be an extraordinary movie (fro
m the reviews) but it was not. Came home around 2am feeling dissapointed but it's okay la....at least the company (my friend) is good...hehe! 2 weeks ago also, I met up with my two cheeky engineer-friends - Jason and Mimin! The last time I saw them both was last raya when they came to my place. They fetched me at home and we just hang out, the 3 of us! I don't know what the heck we talked about but we just talked, talked and talked or as Jason and Mimin said 'argued, argued and argued' (coz we 2 of them, I don't want to lose my side of discussion) and it ended up with Mimin send me home at 1am!!! Hahaha! What a crazy Saturday night!

d'3 of us

Me and Mimin

Me and Jason (2nd shot - he said I didn't smile)

Me and Jason (1st shot)

Me and Mimin...again
Last Saturday night, my plan was staying at home watching the first AF concert and the match between Manchester United and Liverpool. Half way thru' the match and the concert, my friend bawa jln. Frustrated with the score of the first half, I went out. Jln2, the match finished and Liverpool won! Boring eh! The fans at the Red Canopy Foodcourt d'Qlap hotel all dissapointed while my elder bro, who is a big fan of Liverpool, who watched the match in Le Stadium was so excited. Princess Sarah was also there. He showed me the prove by taking group photos with her...hmmmm! Jason and Mimi, who are big fans of Liverpool, both messaged me,just to tease the heck out of me....nda apa..! Sabar Iantie...sabar! Hahaha! Frust with the result, my friend brought me to watch movie and we ended up watching 'Race to Witch Mountain' in Empire. Came home 2am...again! Hahaha!

The next day, Mimin asked me to accompany him to 'start over'. Only the three of us knows what's happening...I think. Anyway, Jason was working and Mimin was on leave so it's just me and Mimin. He fetched me around 1pm and we went bowling.....yea! I never play bowling before and I never touch a bowling ball before but for a begineer, I won the game beating Mimin.....which I won't let him forget!! Whaha! We agreed to compete for another game soon...with Jason coming too...the more, the merrier...hehe! Came home at 5pm.

Daneil, my best male friend came and fetched me at home around 6.30pm and I accompanied him to buy/get his badminton stuffs before we went and watched a movie. Last weekend, it was a very long day for me!! But hey, it's the only time I cannot think of work! So tired thinking of work, I deserve a break...

Most of my afterwork activities are filled with hiking at Tasek and last week, me and a friend saw this new sign, leading to Bukit Markucing in Subok. Told him that we need to try that track. So last Friday, 2 days ago, me and the guys embarked on a new adventure. We plan to hike the trail from Tasek to Bukit Markucing in Subok. We agreed to meet at Tasek at 3.30pm. My brother, Andy when he heard that I'm going to Markucing from Tasek, he wanted to follow too. So, the 5 of us started our journey from the pondok at Tasek at 4+pm, half and hour late from the planned time (ehem...gara2 nunggu a friend yg lambat..hehe). The track was okay, ada some part very slippery but it was managable but it was soooooooo quiet. I feel like we were in the real jungle (which it is)! Along the way, we only met 2 men. It was raining and yes, we were caught in the rain but it was not that bad. I dunno whether my shirt was wet from the rain or from the sweat but it was so satisfying! When we were halfway thru' we reached this peak and it was so gratifying and the view.....wow! It's unbelievable! I still couldn't believe that I reach that peak...It feels like a dream. We completed the hike within 1hour 40mins - one way from Tasek to Markucing. By the time we came down the Markucing, it was almost 6pm. Luckily one of the guys parked his car in Markucing and he sent us back to Tasek. Next on agenda, Bukit Shahbandar Bukit 17.....can't wait!

Ghafor and Bro Andy

Ghafor and Me - 2KM gone, 1.746KM to go

(on top of a hill, dunno the name but the view....wow!)

Me and Bro Andy
'0.000KM ke Bukit Markucing' we made it!

Ghafor and Me

Me and the guys
(Ghafor, Hj Tahir, Adi and Me - minus my bro whose taking tis pic)

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