Kasih Antara Kita & Cinta Buat Emelda

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exactly 6 years ago, I read this novel and honest to say, I would just say that it is like any other novel (or maybe my so-called mature mind hadn't developed fully back then LOL!)

Anyway, now TV3 is currently showing Cinta Buat Emelda...

.... and it is an adaption of Aleya Aneesa's Kasih Antara Kita.

I know it is another drama adapted from novel and I do remember how the story went... or so I thought.
I managed to watch till episode 2 and man, by the time I finished watching the drama, let's just say that I got out from my bed, headed to my mini library and dig this novel out the shelves AND reread again the novel!

Turn out I barely remember the storyline.
But I gotta say, I'm loving this drama already.
I mean, for 1 thing, it comes straight to the point and gosh! I couldn't believe I cried watching it... hummm!

Looking forward to this drama everyday!

Irfan's Engagement 25.03.2012

Monday, March 26, 2012
Yesterday, another cousin of mine got engaged.
I bet there is more engagements and weddings coming up this coming years ;)

The girl's place is in Mumong (it is like 100km from our place) and when we had 10 family cars travelling together,
trust me, it ain't easy.
We were way behind schedule and ended up 40 minutes late!

... grandma is not in a good health, so she is not coming with us to the girl's place...

... with the aunt, the cousin and future cousin-in-law ;) ...

... the "pembuka mulut" ring and money...

... the engagement ring and money...

... the many faces of us...

the recently engaged lady aka my future cousin-in-law

Novel Review: Suami Yang Kubenci

Suami Yang Kubenci
By E-Man Sufi
544 pages
KaryaSeni Enterprise

What else can I say? This novel, by far for this year, is one of the BEST novels I had read. I kid you not! But if I want to look thoroughly the storyline, the beginning is more or less the same as Siti Rosmizah's 7 Hari Mencintaiku; only the beginning, mind you. But as it goes, Suami Yang Kubenci is tottaly different from 7 Hari Mencintaiku.

Hannah Maryam had no choice but to marry Uwais Ukasyah (I'm lovin' that name) after her fiance, Tengku Muiz was caught in an underaged girl's underpants... or so to speak less than a week to her big day. Her grandpa, Tuk Ayah was furious when Hannah got engaged to Muiz in UK so this time, no compromise, Hannah had to marry her grandpa's choice of groom.

Uwais, an ambitious businessman owed some money from a loan shark and when his business (burger stall) was slow, the money he owed had triple. Tuk Ayah settled his debt with a condition - marry Hannah.

Hannah hated Uwais coz for her, Uwais didn't reach her standard. And yes, they could be more different. Hannah drove an Audi, Uwais drove a classic Mini Copper. Hannah was a CEO for the family's company, Uwais was a 'burger-man'. Hannah graduated with Masters from a top university in UK, Uwais (for Hannah) probably just barely passed his SPM. Unknown to Hannah, Uwais graduated from a university from Jordan.

People kept on saying, don't hate a person too much coz in the end, you would love the person more than life itself. Which is what happened in this novel; from hate to love. I know you would say, what special about this novel that I 'chopped' this as one of the best novels?

You see, most of the novels I read, the flow is always the same. 2 persons hate each other, they fall in love with each other and when they find happiness, some bad things happens they fight, one person goes one side, the other to another and it takes some lengthy story before they finally find their "everlasting" happiness. Am I right?

So, am I saying Suami Yang Kubenci any different? Hell yeah! Hannah finally admitted that she loved Uwais before it's too late. They learnt to accept each other weakness and loved each other for who they were. And I have to salute the writer for making this novel "alive". While I was reading it, I envisioned the whole scenario in my mind and I was not afraid to laugh out loud to the funny parts. Yes, I do laugh when I read a novel that can make me do so.

Congratulations E-Man Sufi! For me, you can go further with your writing! Salute!

My rating: 9.5/10

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Novel Review: Kampung Girl

Monday, March 19, 2012
Kampung Girl
by Umi Kalsom
547 pages

I'm lovin' this novel.

I'm trying to remember if I ever read such a familiar story but at the moment, I can't.

Ainnur, who falls in love with her own cousin, Ashraf eversince she was a child wouldn't give up to gain Ashraf''s love. However, Ashraf feels totally opposite. For him, Ainnur is just another cousin who happens to live in a village hence the kampung girl. For Ashraf, Ainnur, as a kampung girl is uneducated, just managed to finish her form 5, stay at home and wait for somone to come and propose when infact Ainnur is an overseas graduate teacher.

So when both parents want to marry them off, Ainnur agrees but with one condition; no one is allowed to tell Ashraf who she really she - an educated teacher. No matter how Ainnur shows her love to Ashraf, it only makes things worst; Ashraf hates kampung girl. Ego? Yeahhh... way up high. And for Ashraf, he couldn't love another after Ain Airina - his another 'Ain'.

But when Faisal, an ex-senior of Ainnur (who admits he loves Ainnur) comes back into Ainnur's life, Ashraf couldn't help himself but to get jealous. He falls in love with Ainnur? Impossible. But that impossible thing happens. He marries Ainnur but still live apart - he is KL while Ainnur in Pulau Pinang. Every messages and phone calls from Ainnur are left unanswered and every time they managed to talk, it will only hurt Ainnur even more. Until 1 day, Ainnur left with no more messages and phone calls that Ashraf realises, he has to lower down his ego and amend things.

But how to amend a broken heart? A wife's heart nontheless...

And how Ainnur, Ashraf, Faisal and Ain Airina come together in this novel? You have to read it, of course!

My rating: 7/10

Next review: Suami Yang Kubenci by E-Man Sufi


Novel Review: Kau, Aku, Kita

Kau, Aku, Kita
by Orkid Edyliyne
374 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd
Ok! I gave up! I think me and Orkid Eyliyne were not meant to be.

I finished reading her second novel and I still couldn't get the author's mindset. But to be honest, her second novel is a lot more better than her first. At least I can try to understand what is she trying to say.

Shall I do the review? Hmm... let's see

Both are named Iman Firdaus. Both are totally different from each other. 1 is a female and the other is male. The male, Aus comes from a well off family and an actor nevertheless while Iman, lost her parents due to 'accidents', drop out of high school and has to support her 5 younger brothers.

Both Iman Firdaus(s) accidently meet To save himself from his parents' pressure and gossips with female artists, Aus, asked Iman to help him by agreeing to be his wife. Iman accepts when Aus promised to take care of her and her younger brothers.

As in her previous novels, the author made it a habit that the male and the female characters didn't get along well... what they do? fight... fight.. fight... and fight some more.

I also don't know how, when and why the ending becomes as such.. hmm...

I let the other readers read it...

My rating: 4.5/10

Next review: Kampung Girl by Umi Kalsom


The "What Ifs"...

Friday, March 16, 2012
I always said to myself that, past is past, no use of thinking what had happened but as a normal human, I (and you) couldn't help but to think the 2 words that could change the present and shape your future - what ifs...

What ifs... it could be for different meanings and different things and different purposes in life. I'm not saying that I'm regreting the life I'm having now... oh! big NO! I'm lovin' my life... what is there not to love. But sometimes, I would think that my life would be different if I had chose different path in life in the past.

Who knows? I might be married with kids nowdays instead of having a wonderful, understanding, loving boyfriend (LOL!). I might be surrounded with lots of friends but no real BFF like my own BFF, Didz =D I might be working in a sterile environment instead of the choatic, hectic and stressful environment... haha!

Of course I have to admit that there are some things I do regret. An example, I wish I could be a better friend to my male BFF. Honestly, eventhough I rarely admit it, I do miss him. I miss you Chep!

But then as I said, no use in thinking about those. Now, just keep on living. Mistakes are make to be made by us human. From them, we can improve ourselves and shape a better future. And always remember by the end of the day, be thankful for what you have, had done and achieved coz living a life is not to regret the past but to embrace and appreciate the present - life, family and friends. The future? Oh, don't worry much about it. The future will come naturally... eventually ;)

Let's Go to Hawaii... yeeehheee

That's our theme for our recent Annual Pharmacy Gathering ;) which was held last 26th February at Orchid Garden Hotel.
This year it was our turn to organize hence I can't escape LOL!

 ... our CPSS performance...

 ... performance from Inpatient and Outpatient Pharmacy, RIPAS...

 ... the entertaining limbo dance...

 ... performance from pharmacy Tutong hospital...

 ... performance from PDPS...

 ... awesome hula hop performance from Surya's daughters...
they are awesomely amazing and talented!

... a lil' bit patriotic since we just recently celebrating our 28th National Day...

It was fun and I gotta say, eventho' there were some flaws, we did a great job!
All photos are taken from Hj Khalid's FB since I didn't manage to take any! Hehe!

Danial's Wedding - 29.01.2012

Ah.. finally!
After almost 2 months, only now I managed to properly update pictures from my cousin Danial's wedding.

 ... cousins and uncles...

 ... the groom with brother Andy...

 ... the guests...

 ...junjung ziarah...

 ... lunch at the groom's table...

 ... the groom with the parents and Popo...

 ... brother Wadi with Chacha...

 ... brother Andy with Popo...

 ... before entering the bride's home...

... uncle Ah Hwa with brother Andy...

 ... the groom with his bride...

... the groom's family...

Gemersik Kalbu, Aishiteru, Vanila Coklat, BFF Teman Tapi Mesra, Ariana Mikhail....

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Yes.. I'm babbling about all those Malay dramas on TV.
Gosh, I'm getting addicted to dramas nowdays LOL.

Starting with Nora Elena, AdaMaya, now...

Gemersik Kalbu finally over and I have to say eventhough the story was slow in the beginning (and I almost gave up hope watching it) but I'm very satisfied with the whole drama and the ending ;)

Considering I don't have the time to watch the dramas directly from the TV (yes! I'm that buzy), so I just download them from the net... shuussshh.

And I just finished watching Vanila Coklat this morning.
The drama is so sweet that it makes my heart melts.. seriously.
And I love the hero; Aiman Hakim Ridza and the
heroin; Izara Aishah.
I think they have a very good chemistry between them although I gotta admit, the starting of the drama was a bit off.. akward, I shall say but as it goes further, I saw them well matched ;)
Too bad both of them are no longer available for each other.. LOL

And the way his popularity rate spikes way high up from this drama, it wouldn't surprise me if Aiman would go further in this industry.
PLUS he ain't that bad looking either.. haha! Some say he might be the next Aaron Aziz.. hmmm..
In my opinion, let him become Aiman and Aaron Aziz be Aaron Aziz... 
I would very much like it if this drama being make into a book.
Publisher/writer... any hope? =D

Another drama I had been following is BFF Teman Tapi Mesra
For me, it was a good storyline but I was disappointed to know that it went on only till episode 8

In my opinion, this drama can go a long way and not just stop at episode 8.
The last episode looks like everything was squeezed into the 39-minute drama.
My heart is itching to have a more satisfying ending for Iskandar and Shahidah. What happened to Emran? and Norish - who stole Shahidah's creations? So many unanswered questions..
Oh well, I guess my heart doesn't matter...

But is it true that a BFF can be both, a good friend and a good husband while a husband can't be a good BFF? Hmmm...

I'm loving this drama as I love Vanila Coklat ;)
Romantic comedy but (haha! there's a BUT)
I'm kindda disappointed with the ending.

I think the ending is kindda abrupt too.
I was like... what? that's it? Hmmm...
In the last episode, the 2 years story just goes like that - they went their separate ways, finished their studies, Iz joined the navy, Azira finally managed to finish her novel, Ammar getting engaged...
And gosh! Men in white uniform never fail to turn me into mush! LOL!

Ariana Mikhail...

Okay... I'm holding my review for now
I haven't watch it yet. LOL
I managed to download the whole drama already and will review it once I finish watching it...

Novel Review: Memang Itu Cinta

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memang Itu Cinta
Elin Nadia
546 pages
Alaf 21/GrupBuku Karangkraf

After my previous novel-disappointment, I decided to choose carefully my next novel to read among my 10 new unread novels. And Thank God, this novel ain’t as disappointing as the previous one.

Rania and Irfan are BFF with totally different characters. Rania is rough, outspoken person while Irfan is timid, weak person, kindda a shame for a guy. Whenever Irfan is bullied by their friends, Rania is always there to defend him which make Irfan to fall in love with Rania.

Rania, however, doesn’t want to be in love or fall in love ever again after the death of her first love, Haris and Irfanknows of that fact. But because of love, he goes ahead and propose Rania. When Rania’s parents agree to Irfan’s proposal, Rania is no longer defending Irfan. Infact she is inturn bully Irfan, hoping that he backs off and takes back his proposal. But beneath Irfan’s timid look, he has a determination to have Rania as his wife.
Whenever Rania showers him with rough treatments, Irfan showers her with love.. over and over again until Rania realised that eventhough, she doesn’t love Irfan but she has to face the fact that she can’t live without her BFF, Irfan.

What happened between those two? Will Rania ever love Ifan more than just a BFF?

Well, of course it ends with happy ending. If it doesn’t, I would be disappointed with this novel too. LOL!

My rating: 6.5/10

Next review: Kau, Aku, Kita by Orkid Edyliyne. I decided to give her other novel a try. Let’s see if her second novel can change my preception on her writing...

Me and My Kedayan Roots

Kedayan is one of the ethnic groups/people of Brunei. I would say that most of the Bruneians are “orang kedayan” or Kedayan person in a way or another.

My dad comes from both Kedayan parents while my mum is half Iban (another ethnic group) and half Chinese so that would make me – what? – one third kedayan? LOL!

For every ethnic in Brunei, they have their own dialects and so does Kedayan. Born and bought up in – I would say – a modern family, my parents rarely speak Kedayan with us – the kids. My mum, eventhough she is born and bought up as a chinese, she does know to speak 5 different dialects – malay, kedayan, chinese, iban and tutong.. surprise, surprise.

Whenever my parents mingle with my grandma, Dad’s mum or other of paternal uncles and aunts, they would converse in mixed malay and kedayan. Me and my brothers (except for Faiz, the second youngest), we sometimes are clueless on what they talk about and we opted to keep quiet. It's not that we don't understand the whole conversation altogether but there are some words - okay, most of the words, we don't know the meanings. And so far, I had been saved from conversing in Kedayan dialects.

But my luck ran out yesterday when I had to accompany my grandma for her weekly medical injection. To let you have a clear picture, I'm not that close with both my grandmas. I mean,  I do see them often but let's just say that I'm a lot more closer to my parents than my grandparents. Anyway, with just me and my grandma, I got no choice but to converse with her in Kedayan dialects and man, doesn't I sound funny?

I rarely talk in kedayan dialects and when I do, no words seem so right by me. Gosh! Now I'm ashamed to tell people I'm "anak kedayan" or kedayan kid when I can't speak Kedayan properly. I think my dad is right; I do need a Malay-Kedayan dictionary!! LOL! Never too late to learn, right? One day, I want my own kids to know their kedayan roots too.


Novel Review: Tuan Rumah Pembantu Rumah

Tuan Rumah Pembantu Rumah
Orkid Edyliyne
517 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

How many of you had read this novel, please out your hands up. And tell me honestly how you rate this novel?

I don’t know whether it’s the novel itself or my reading-mind has totally changed for I found this novel really really disappointing. Gosh! This is the second novel with “Novel Terlaris” chopped on the front cover and when I read it, it’s not up to my expectation. I’m really really totally disappointed. It took me 3 weeks (seriously!!) to finish this novel and even that, I had to force myself to read and finish it for I promised to myself that no matter how uninteresting the novel might be, I will finish it; no matter how long it would take.

As for the review, I don’t if I can do it. I would let other readers read it.

Why this novel is disappointing? Well, there is no proper storyline. It’s like the character herself, Intan Asha Areen, who in my opinion had no proper purpose in life. The author uses her obsession for Koreans into this novel (I’m no longer a big fan of Korean dramas). The author uses Korean languages instead of Malay when infact a malay novel, the purpose is to promote Malay language, don’t you think?

Anyway, it’s just my opinion of this novel. Sorry if this review ever reach the author. But in my honest opinion, this novel might be interesting for teenagers or young adults. I’m not saying I’m that old but what’s a novel with no impact on the readers? Nada... Zero.. Nil..

My rating: 3/10

Next review: Memang Itu Cinta by Elin Nadia